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"CultureTalk was a game changer for me. It brought major insight into how I go about my life, personally and professionally. I realized that certain aspects I had always considered “good” were negatively affecting me. My Archetypes helped me pinpoint exactly where I could create change in my life."
— Nipper Sorensen, MBA, MA

Your Personal Archetypes Await

Uncover your deepest motivations, personal strengths and unconscious challenges in a way that helps you evolve your life, your relationships and your career. Purchase the survey using the button below and you’ll be redirected to the survey page. You will also receive an email that includes a link to the survey that you should save for future reference.

Your score on 12 Archetypes, an in-depth profile of your Primary, Supporting and Latent Archetypes & Archetype at Work. learn more
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Align with your values

Strengthen relationships

Improve communication

Create a fulfilling career

Resolve conflict with ease

Live with intention

Did you know organizations have Archetypes too?
Shift culture. Evolve leaders. Hire with intention. Engage employees.