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"CultureTalk was a game changer for me. It brought major insight into how I go about my life, personally and professionally. I realized that certain aspects I had always considered “good” were negatively affecting me. My Archetypes helped me pinpoint exactly where I could create change in my life."
— Nipper Sorensen, MBA, MA

Your Personal Archetypes Await

Uncover your deepest motivations, personal strengths and unconscious challenges in a way that helps you evolve your life, your relationships and your career. Choose a report below and you’ll be redirected to the survey page. You will also receive an email that includes a link to the survey that you should save for future reference.

Align with your values

Strengthen relationships

Improve communication

Create a fulfilling career

Resolve conflict with ease

Live with intention

An in-depth profile of your Primary Archetype. learn more
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An in-depth profile of your Primary Archetype, plus your Archetype at Work. learn more
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Your score on 12 Archetypes, an in-depth profile of your Primary, Supporting and Latent Archetypes & Archetype at Work. learn more
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Did you know organizations have Archetypes too?
Shift culture. Evolve leaders. Hire with intention. Engage employees.